I'm sitting here and i think about love.

Yesterday evening I have been to the Colo in Wilster, it was the end of a dancing course. I had thougt about my dancing partner for the last three weeks. And I was not sure, whether I just liked her ore felt mre for her.
We danced all the evening, and it was totally great.But then it were the last few songs, they played a beautiful, slow waltz. Our dancing position became closer and we just lokked in each others eyes. Suddenly we stopped dancing, and just kissed each other.

23.4.07 12:11

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Janika / Website (23.4.07 15:16)
Mensch Larsey,
das is doch alles doof. Du tust mir voll Leid. Liebeskummer ist doch einfach nur zum kotzen!

Toll aber, dass du auch nen Blog hast, du kommst jezz erstma zu meinen Blogfreunden

Und hey - die sonne scheint doch weiterhin...

Ich bin für dich da, ja?

Hab dich lieb!

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