Hey guys,

it's so a fucking bad feeling to sit alone at home and can't do anything then sitting here.

I would like to go anywhere and do anything but i can't, I'm ill my head aches and my throath hurts. I was at school today in the morning to give a sheet to my former french teacher, it was about a pupils exchange. Then i went to the doctors he said I should go home and don't do anything than sleep and drink something hot or warm. He gave me a small sheet with the name of the medicin i have to take now.

Every hour 15 drops.

I feel so lonely and I#m just sad I couldn't see any of my friends today.

I just wanna sai I like you all very much.


ohne wachs Ursi

 (bin gespannt wer das versteht grins


7.5.07 14:46

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bella (7.5.07 15:33)
hey larsi ich wünsch dir ganz ganz gute besserung! hoffe dir gehts bald besser u es klappt mitm GRÖLN!!! ^^ also, sir sehn uns ja bis denn, hdgdl, bella

Janika / Website (7.5.07 18:11)
Hey Larsey!

Wünsch dir ne gute Besserung! Bin auch heute früher nach Hause, mir gehts physisch gesehn richtig müll.
Kurier dich aus,
Ich hab dich lieb!

Janika (9.5.07 10:29)

Janika / Website (9.5.07 17:28)
Der hat nichtmal Internet
Jap, bin ziemlich down, aber passt schon irgendwie Life goes on!
Gehts dir besser?

Hab dich lieb!

jessica (13.9.07 20:50)

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